Coco Creams ltd

Coco Cream Ltd is an e commerce online shop that sells Creams and other health products for the skin and hair.

Our clients wanted a website that was simplistic and clean. They wanted something inviting that draws users towards making a purchase sale. 

Following a detailed research phase, it was clear that the website needed to feel intuitive in its content and in design. We achieved this through designing a landing page that focuses strictly on the product itself keeping the design minimal.

This resulted in a brand identity that is clean and dynamic, enabling us to create a visually appealing experience on the website. We brought this to life in small details throughout the site, ensuring that the landing page feels inviting and intuitive.

Our key focus was on our sale call to actions prompting users and customers to buy their products easily. 

key features and functionality

  1. Welcome and Mission: We created a welcoming homepage that instantly transported visitors to the world of Coco Creams. High-quality imagery, accompanied by a soothing color palette, evoked a sense of calm and tranquility. A concise and compelling mission statement conveyed the spa’s dedication to wellness, self-care, and providing personalized experiences.
  2. Testimonials and Reviews: We incorporated a section featuring testimonials and reviews from satisfied clients. These testimonials provided social proof of the spa’s exceptional service and served as a testament to the positive experiences clients had. This feature instilled confidence in potential clients and solidified the spa’s reputation for excellence.

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Mike Stuart

Head of Sales , Intel