What we did

Coco Creams ltd

Coco Cream Ltd is an e commerce online shop that sells Creams and other health products for the skin and hair.

We designed a website that was simplistic and clean. We wanted to create something inviting that draws users towards making a purchase sale. We achieved this through designing a one landing page website that focuses strictly on the product itself keeping the design minimal.

This resulted in a brand identity that is clean and dynamic, enabling us to create a visually appealing experience on the website. 

What we did

key features and functionality

  1. We created a welcoming homepage that instantly transported visitors to the world of Coco Creams. High-quality imagery, accompanied by a soothing color palette, evoked a sense of calm and tranquility.
  2. Call to Action: We made sure that we placed a variety of different call to action prompts to ensure visitors are being directed towards making a sale
  3. Transparent Header: we decided to keep the header simple, straight forward and clean. we opted for a transparent design and kept the call to action button present to direct users to want to take action without having to navigate through a menus

The Coco Creams exceeded my expectations in every way. The texture was luxuriously smooth and creamy, with a rich cocoa flavor that was simply irresistible. Every spoonful was a heavenly indulgence, making it difficult to resist going back for more.


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