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humble beginnings

Our journey began with us wanting a website designed for one of our business ideas. Just like most start up business, we wanted to look for a reasonable affordable website deal from existing web design agencies and companies. 

Everyone was charging way too much!

We wanted it to be affordable yet still giving us the quality and tools needed to take us on our online journey towards our success.

way too costly!

Having searched for web design agencies, we found ourselves stuck between alot of technical jargon and high prices being thrown in our faces.

Some companies wanted to charge up to £12,000 for a 4 page website. This was way pass our financial budget!

Despite the importance of a website, we couldn’t find a website or SEO agency that focused specifically on helping small or start up businesses. It seemed as though website developers wanted higher paying clients and cared little for those with low income just starting out in business.

"It seemed like the alternatives out there were either cheap freelancers with not enough experience"

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our solution

so what did we do?

We decided to build a team of web developers, web designers, and SEO-experts to start a web & SEO agency that focused primarily on start up and small/medium size businesses.

We built a model that supports start up and small businesses integrating all the necessary tools you will need to not only track the progress of your website and analyse its data, but also to help you on your journey.

everything is accessible and affordable

We give you everything you need to get you started on your business journey. That includes (in addition to having a website); designing your logo, business cards, providing hosting and your own business email domain.

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