The Process

One Step at a time


We always make sure to ask my clients what their goals are before I start working on any project. This ensures that all of our projects will be successful and meet the client’s needs, It also allows us to start the project off on the right foot by knowing exactly how we’ll be able to help you grow your business online.

During our consultation you should be as transparent as you can so we can grasp your vision as this will help us to build your website that matches your vision. 


After our discussion, we will jump straight into research which may include market research and doing a competitor analyses to understand your competition. We tend to use a UX design approach which focuses on the user in order to understand our clients needs.

After that is complete, we can start working on creating your wire frame design.

Wire Frame Design

Wire-frames allows us to map out your ideas and design concepts. This process helps us and yourselves see if your web design layouts are what you are looking for and want to pursue. This stage is iterative as there are no limits to the amounts of edits that we undergo making sure everything is exactly as you want it. So feel free to be as creative as you want at this stage and think of everything that your project website will require for your project or business to work

Once this is done we will create the design layout online and than contact you to see if you’re happy with the designs, layout and colour scheme.

Main Web design

After you are happy with your wire frame design concept we will start working on your main design. This is where we add layers, colours, themes, pictures, add your domain and set out to perfect your chosen design concept.

This will be the final design that we will develop later on.


Once you are happy with the main design, we’ll start working on the development side. This includes finalizing colours, animation timing details for various screen sizes to ensure a seamless user experience across all devices, implementing security protocols, browser testing and making sure your website is ready to go live.

Certificate of Completion

After we have finished designing  your website, we’ll send you a personalised certification of completion which will detail what has been done with your site including all your sites login details, potential upgrades, price paid, plugin details, ongoing costs for your paid plugins, domains and hosting.

This helps us know what has been done with your site and for us to keep on track with new added editions.


There are many reasons why people hire us to work on their websites. The first and most important is the peace of mind knowing that when they find something wrong with their website, we are a phone call away from taking care of it for you.

So rest assure we wont lave you in the lurch once your website is done. any problems and we are here to help.