are you a start up business?

we use to be one too!

We've all been here before!

You've Got a business idea; you need a website, but companies are charging an arm and a leg!

So How can Digital Designs help your business?

It’s simple! we have all the tools needed to not only design and build for you a responsive and user friendly website. We have everything you need to grow your business on your way to success.

so What's the catch?

We want half of your profits, that’s all!

No of course we don’t! we want you to gain from your own profits- this is why we created this business model for start-up business owners like yourself; to be able to spend less at the beginning of your journey without it affecting the quality of your websute or business.

Everything is affordable!

So everything is affordable right? How? 

Its simple! If our base price is too much for you, we will offer you a choice from either opting into an ongoing monthly payment plan, or we will work to build your website to match your budget.

We want to ensure that your vision and online presence is attainable – so don’t be shy to ask, we are here to help you get started in one way or another.

The essentials we provide for you

Website Start Up Package




Business Card



*Prices start at £1600 but can be negotiable based on your budget

Here's A few extras


Stuck and have no clue what to do?

We will be here to support your business queries for your first 3 months. we want to help with all your teething problems.


For 3 months free without charge, we will maintain your website and ensure all elements and plugins are up to date keeping your website healthy and bug free.

Ongoing Edits

For 3 months you will  have access to us for ongoing edits (7 per week). Whether its adding pictures or changing the style of a text, we’ll do it all for you free of charge.

All you need to do is

Tell us about your business

Call Us or send us a message

Let's get the ball rolling...

We understand some of you have different methods of communication. so you all have the choice to call us directly, contact us on our whats app directly or send us a message using the contact box provided.

Earn £50 For each referral

If you don’t feel you’re ready for a website today. you can earn £50 as many times as you want for referring to us someone you know that may benefit from our support.