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Are you on low income?

Setting up a new business venture or wanting to upgrade your existing business? We have FREE and Pay Monthly Website Plans to suit all requirements and budgets.

your FREE website

We understand the frustration of having an idea to start a business but not having the funds to implement it. This is where our FREE website service comes in to cater for your needs even if you have no money.

The Process

  1. You would first need to prove that you receive 0 income or that you are claiming benefits (Universal credit, job seekers allowance).
  2. Once we agree and accept that you are in receipt of benefits or have 0 income, we will than call you and discuss your project or business.
  3. Once we finish the initial phone call, we will send you an email with our terms and conditions.
  4. once agreed, we will start to design your website.

Its that simple!

The Rules

To be eligible for your free website you would need to follow these steps

  1. Share our website and tag us in your social media (can be any page on our website, but you might prefer to want to share www.digitaldesigns.live-its-free).
  2. Send screenshots that you have shared our link.

Pay Monthly

If you choose one of our Pay Monthly Website Plans, there is a minimum contract period of 12 months, this is because all our websites are custom-designed, and our designers spend a great deal of time developing and designing your website. 

After the initial 12 months contract, you will then be placed automatically onto a 1-month rolling contract. The price includes the continuation of your website hosting, domain renewal, mailboxes and ongoing technical support. If you want a new website after you have completed your contract, that’s not a problem. You can sign up to one of our plans and cancel your old contract with us.

If you were to leave us after you complete your contract, we would be very sad to see you leave us. However, we always respect your decision, and we can make a transfer of your website files and database so that you can host your site elsewhere. 

10% Monthly discount on Referrals

There is a 10% discount on monthly payments for those who refer our web services to others. This discount will only be valid once your referral has brought into one of our monthly packages.

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No, of course not! If you opt for the FREE website package, your website will be active for as long as you want your website to be online.

You would need to get a letter from your Job centre or a copy of your universal credit claim which can be a simple screenshot of your universal credit claim commitments.

Once you have chosen your monthly package, unfortunately you will not be able to opt out during the 12 month period. Canceling your payments will only mean your website will no longer be online. After your contract period has ended you are free to leave although we will be sad to see you leave.

If you opt into the monthly contract for 12 months, your website will be optimised for SEO. Our FREE website package unfortunately will not have any SEO.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in short is the ability for search engines to index your website so that it can easily be found by customers and service users by entering specific keywords.

For example: If you type in Web design specialists, or web design agency, you may find a range of websites that show up matching your keywords.

We have discounts towards those who are referred to us and that referral has purchased one of our monthly paid website packages. your discount will start on the following month of your next payment. 

Your Referral will need to give us the name of the website and person that referred them.

Earn £50 For each referral

 Don’t need a website for yourself? not to worries, you can still earn £50. Its simple! If you know anyone or hear of anyone who needs a website, send them to us and we will pay you £50 Cash instantly.