Rush Theatre Company

A theatre company based in Birmingham that offers Educational Plays and various Shows

We were approached by the Rush Theatre Company in regards to re designing their website for them and make it more engaging for users. They complained of not having any site engagement from users or anyone contacting them through their website.

From the very beginning, it was clear that the Rush Theatre Companies website had no call to actions and was simply dormant and uninviting. Our initial meetings with the company’s team allowed us to gain more insight into their vision, goals, and target audience, which laid the foundation for our design approach.

What we did

key features and functionality

  1. Tours & Shows designed a dedicated page to showcase the company’s repertoire of productions. This approach allowed visitors to explore and engage with each production, fostering anticipation and encouraging ticket sales.
  2. Tickets & Sales: We incorporated and collaborated with other theatre companies showcasing all of rush theatres shows within the tour section of the website allowing customers to buy tickets directly from the theatre itself. This cut alot of issues that may arise with ticket sales.
  3. Subscription Function: Incorporated a subscription form for users to receive news and updates on upcoming events and potential deals. This feature will also act as a measurement tool measuring how many users engage with the company via subscriptions.
  4. Analytics Tool Integration: We embedded into the site a tool that will be able to measure the sites user data. This way the company can oversee how a user interacts with their website, the amount of traffic gained, where the traffic is coming from and to also keep an eye on their conversions and sales.

Re - Designing The Rush Magazine

To  capture the essence of Rush Theatre Company’s dynamic performances, we changed the layout of their old programme magazine and modernised it giving it a more updated modern look as opposed to its old outdated style.

The Problem

We had only 48 hours to complete the magazine and so we went ahead and sent out the original magazine to a few individuals conducting what we call a usability study. We had 6 participants who went over the magazine and with prompted questions asked, we used the data received to pin point and find out what problems needed to be tackled.

We need you to razz our magazine as its too outdated now and doesnt bring in any sales the way it used to

Dawn CEO Rush Theatre Company

The Solution

Upon identifying the issues and challenges we were addressing, we dedicated time to organizing and iterating on solutions. Our focus was on addressing each problem or pain point in a manner that preserves the integrity of the company’s branding and ethos.

Finished Product

Our 48 hours had finished. Overall Rush Theatre Company was happy with the design considering the short time we had to design and create this.

Poster Design

Rush Theatre Company asked us to design a poster for one of their upcoming shows that incorporates the shows eccentric nature.

We made sure to keep the poster design inline in accordance with the theatres ethos ensuring an eccentric 70s design to which their show focuses on.

Absolutely brilliant and attentive service, from Digital Designs. I felt our website was in safe & confident hands. Exact step of the process was fully explained and our idea were professionally communicated onto our site. After sales service was on hand to assist us as well which enabled us to have confidence in using the site. Throughly recommend! A Stat! Bellissimo

Sara Myers

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