ahead international

A charitable organisation that focuses on the reduction of poverty and helping those in need

Ahead International – a charity, approached us and asked if we could create a website that embodies their mission and values.

Our journey began with thorough research and extensive consultations with the CEO of Ahead International. Together, we recognised the importance of crafting a website that not only informs but also engages visitors, motivating them to help in raising funds for the charities cause.

To streamline and encourage donations, we implemented a user-friendly donation function on the website. This feature allows supporters to contribute easily and securely to Ahead International’s mission with just a few clicks.  

Mockup design on laptop and mobile screen for charity
What we did

key features and functionality

  1. Donation Function: We incorporated a donations system that enables the charity to receive donations. The donations system we embedded has an additional option to add a continuous payment plan with the charity making easy for the user to give funds automatically.
  2. Testimonials and Reviews: We strategically placed testimonials and reviews from satisfied clients across the website viewable by anyone visiting any page of the site. These testimonials provided social proof of the charities exceptional service and served as a testament to the positive experiences clients had. 
  3. Call to Action: We made sure that we placed a variety of different call to action prompts throughout the website to ensure visitors are being directed towards a specific call to to action, whether its to sign up to a subscription or towards a donation.

Logo Design

We created a logo inline with our clients requirements:

  1. Red and Black Colour Theme
  2. Simple and Clean

We created a global symbol to represent the international reach that  Ahead International targets towards their charity work. We made sure as to not clutter the logo and keep it simple yet effective.

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I recently had the privilege of exploring an exceptional charity website that has left a lasting impact on me. From its captivating design to its profound mission, “Empowering Humanity” sets itself apart as a remarkable platform dedicated to making a positive difference in the world.

Mike Stuart

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